Bootleg Colouring Book + Grime Activity Book [digital edition]

Image of Bootleg Colouring Book + Grime Activity Book [digital edition]

The Bootleg Colouring Book is a project featuring a range of characters from my favorite cartoons. I drew characters from classic cartoons and compiled them into a colouring book for adults.

I made the original sheets as a way to practice using watercolour paints and I thought I'd share them so people could have an easy starting point to create art, practice a technique, or simply relax by colouring.

This is for the digital edition of both of these books. I'll send you a digital pdf of both after purchase to be coloured and filled in either digitally or after printing out.

The Grime Activity Book is an activity book for those who love Grime. The book features Grime-themed crosswords, colouring in, puzzles, mazes and fill in the blanks.